Thirty plus years experience as a Tarot Reader and teacher.


Psychic energy readings--Tarot, Flame Readings, Kabbalah Cards (spiritual readings), Rune Stones ;

Picture readings (of spouse,children, boyfriend, etc.); Emotional healings,  Gemstone Readings,  Lithotherapy, Colortherapy, Energy Worker/Healer. I teach Classes in Dream Interpretation,  Gemstone Healing,  Self Healing through Visualizations and Psychic development with guided Meditations;  Kabbalah Classes. Public Speaker, and  Guest Lecturer...on related topics...Fascilitator of Workshops.


My background in a nutshell.


I am a trained Counsellor (volunteered with Jewish Child and Family Service two years as peer Counsellor, and AGR  Health Services for two years.  I trained at Mount Carmel Clinic for two years, Winnipeg General Hospital four months, and trained at IIIHS (affiliated with United Nations),  International Institute of Integral Human Sciences for ten consecutive summers, where I studied to be an Intuitive Counsellor; Colour therapist, Lithotherapist and Energy Worker/Healer. I also trained women and men in my home to read Tarot and become open Psychically....for thirty years.  I do classes in Gemstone Healing , with Colour Therapy, and Energy Work. I've been studying this over a thirty year period and three years ago began doing my own research, as many of the books had conficting information. I lowered my own blood pressure from 185/65 to 114/72.  It has levelled off to 120/70.  This took no medication...but I took almost a year to retake my Blood Pressure and make sure of the results.  I also got rid of Hay fever using a programmed Aquamarine ring.